Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A few fun and games...

Well, I got "tagged" by Ms. Alexa over at Pop Elegantiarum and I must comply with her wishes! :)

Five Things in my Purse:

(I don't have a digi camera handy, so I'll steal from google)

Fossil Wallet

Burt's Bees chapstick

Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti, founder of Feministing.com

Rhodia notepad with a Katharine Hepburn postcard glued to the cover.

And, a Yoyo!

Five Favorite Things in MY Room:

1. My DVDs
2. Libby!

3. The Mickey Mouse blanket my father bought me when I was 7.
4. The Tenant (1978) original AU daybill poster Jake bought me for Christmas in '04.
5. My collaged coffee table.

Five things I've always wanted to do:

1. Visit Europe for an extended period of time with Jake.
2. Take my mom on a vacation to NYC.
3. Publish a book.
4. Write the sequel novel to Roman by Polanski with Roman's blessing.
5. Dance!!!

Five things I'm currently into:

1. Learning more about Jennifer Jones.
2. Reading classic literature.
3. Taking my dog for walks.
4. The TCM "flim flam" game.
5. The midnight show of Sex and the City.

Five impressions of Alexa at Pop Elegantiarum:

1. She's very talented.
2. She has a wide range of interests that help with the creation of her art.
3. She's a feminist.
4. She's considerate.
5. She's super cool!

My six quirks:

1. I hate it when the volume of the television is not at an even number.
2. I hate it when people use "your" when they mean "you're."
3. I wear black almost every day...I just like it.
4. I feel at home in cemetaries.
5. I can't stand writing with pencils.
6. I don't drink or do any drugs and I never have nor will.

I'll tag Lisa and Alex!


Lisa Draski said...

That's a lot of fun! I'll definitely do that. Your doggy is SO cute, Sara. I want to meet her. :)

Oh, I also love the Flim Flam game!

Alexa said...

Thanks for complying with my wishes - and for the nice impressions! And I will happily read a draft of your Roman by Polanski sequel ;)