Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunsilk, Sunsilk, Sunsilk

Well, Unilver and Sunsilk hair care are up to no good once again. They never returned my follow-up e-mails to the original “icon” complaints I gave them, but I hope they’ll respond this time around.

Their new campaign is geared towards the every day Jane’s who buy their product – women had the opportunity to submit “their own story” to the company in hopes of becoming one of their starlet icons and undergoing the celebrity pampering treatment. Out of all the entries they received, Sunsilk chose twenty-five women as finalists whose stories range from admirable to absolutely pathetic. I guess that’s fitting considering the icons they chose to represent them, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Shakira. However, their stories aren’t necessarily what I’m concerned with, it’s the way they chose to represent them -

On their website, people from all over the world can visit, watch the video of the finalist telling their story, and vote who they think should be the first Sunsilk starlet. Instead of filming their finalists as if they’re people (from a head-on perspective, perhaps showing us some of their backgrounds in relation to their tale), they constantly fetishize their bodies with extreme, frenetic, Michael Bay editing that totally distracts from the person’s story. So, what they’re basically doing with this campaign is saying “vote for the person with the prettiest face, the hottest body, the most jewelry, and, of course, the best hair.” Way to go, Sunsilk.

If you’re interested in seeing of these vile shenanigans, visit their official website because I can’t post them here.

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